I began by trying to bring together all records about people named Docwra (and its many variant spellings) into one database so I can do lookups to help supply information to anyone who has an interest in the surname or its variant and related spellings.  I have been fortunate in having received information and photographs from many people, some are Docwra researchers themselves who wanted to share their lines and add to the global Docwra story, others are genealogists who noticed a Docwra mention in a document, a record, or even a churchyard, and kindly forwarded the details to me for the Project. There are also a number of transcribers who have supplied me with transcriptions of various data sets, all of which have added value to the website as a resource for ancestor hunters with Docwras in their lines. 

My database currently holds over 2250 entries drawn mainly from the IGI [International Genealogical Index of the Church of Latter Day Saints] and some other published works. The data can be sorted by any of a range of fields including names, parents, spouses, dates, parishes or occupations and, whilst not yet complete, is a very useful resource for researchers.

In the References menu you will find book references and website references that may be of use in your searching for Docwra family members.