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Hi. New to the board as I just stumbled across it today. Hopefully someone might be able to help me out with my brickwall. Her name is Jane Elizabeth DOCWRA. My great grandmother and this is what I know about her at this moment:
Birth Certificate: Born 7 May 1864, Kneesworth, Melbourn, Camb. Father: James DOCWRA, Mother Elizabeth DOCWRA (formerly SMITH) Occupation of Father: Postman. Registered 8 June 1864.

Marriage Certificate: Date 12 April 1883. Solemnized at Christ Church- Parish of St. Andrew the Less, Camb.
Groom: Wilfred BLOWS [24yrs] [Bachelor] [Gardener] [18 City Road] [Father of Groom: George Blows] [rank or profession of father: Bailiff]
Bride: Jane Elizabeth DOCWRA [21yrs] [Spinster] [7 Mortimer Road] [Father of Bride: Charles DOCWRA] [rank or profession of father: Bricklayer]
marriage witnessed by: George BLOWS and Ellen Louisa PIGGOT

There is a problem with Jane's Father as each certificate lists a different name.

1881 Census: Jane Elizabeth is found living in Grantchester with another family as a servant. She is 18 years old and her name is spelled DOCURA. I'm pretty sure this is her, as the man she marries is listed on the same page 21 lines down.

1871 Census: Another researcher may have found her in the 1871 census listed and I have included his note here:

"Hi Sid
I've found what looks like them in 1871 in Royston, spelt Dockraw, but indexed as Dockrad!
Back St, Royston, Herts RG10/1360 folio 93
Elizabeth Dockraw head widow 35 charwoman b Kelshall Herts
Emily Dockraw daughter 13 scholar b Royston Herts
Elizabeth Dockraw daughter 10 scholar b Royston Herts
Jane Dockraw daughter 7 scholar b Royston Herts
Margaret Dockraw daughter 4 scholar b Royston Herts
William Dockraw son 3 scholar b Royston Herts

In 1881 there is a William Docwra age 12 born Royston described as nephew living with William and Harriett Pateman at Litlington Cambs. The IGI has a marriage between William Pateman and Harriett Smith at Kelshall in 1844. Harriett and Elizabeth appear to have been sisters, so it seems as though in 1871 the Jane above was the daughter of James deceased and Elizabeth nee Smith, which ties in with your birth certificate. But it doesn't do anything either way to explain the discrepancy with the marriage cert. It appears that she was christened in Royston on 26 June 1864, so perhaps she believed that Royston was where she was born?

So she lied about her age, as 21 - so she wouldn't need parent's consent? Many others did the same. But I don't know why she should give her father's name as Charles rather than James dec'd! But in the absence of any Charles Docwra's producing children in the area at the time the balance of probabilities is that the Jane in your two certificates is one and the same. Who were the witnesses on the marriage cert - do they fit in with any of her siblings/mother on the 1871?

If anybody has any further information on Jane and her family, It would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Sid

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Hi Sid

I have just joined the Docwra Project and saw your post. I was on last night and asked about my grandfather Sydney Docwra and in the information I received was the family that you were told about in the 1881 census.

William Pateman
Harriett Pateman
Amos Pateman
William Docwra aged 12
Sidney Docwra aged 9

I think this Sidney is my great grandfather.

I will keep a lookout for your Jane Elizabeth Docwra and let you know if I come across her.

Have you tried it is a great site.

Regards Christine

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Just found this thread. I'm researching my own family history which involves the Patemans in Litlington. It would appear that your Great-Grandfather Sidney is the nephew of my Great-Great Grandfather William. Unfortunately I cannot add any useful information to your own search



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Hi Martin

Thanks for your reply.

I think my great grandfather's mother was Elizabeth Smith who married a James Docwra, and she was the sister of Harriett Pateman whose maiden name was Smith.

Good luck in your research