Is it Polish?
The most commonly asked question of all! The answer is no, it isn't Polish. The name is old English and originates in Cumberland as far back as the 13th century. It is believed to be from the place name Dockray which means a place where the dock (or sorrel) grows. 

Have you found everything about every Docwra?
Oh I wish! No, there is still a vast amount of data to be found and added to the website. 

Why are Della Roccas on the Docwra website?
Good question! Why are they here? It's because I found three Della Rocca entries on the 1881 census transcript that set me wondering about these folks. They have the same forenames and occupations as some of our missing Docwras, so I am checking out in case the Della Rocca name is actually a mistranscription of Docwra from the 1881 census. They seem to appear out of nowhere in 19th century London, and whilst it could be a co-incidence that three families with an Italian surname could have these solid English forenames it seems unusual enough to ring a bell in my mind that it's worth checking out. If anyone can help with solving this puzzle I'd love to hear from you.

Why are Dockers and Dacres on the Docwra website? 
Good question! Why are they here? It's because I receive many many questions as to whether or not there is a connection between Docker and Docwra, or between Dacre and Docwra. So far I have not proven any such links, but as they are close in spelling, and as kind people have sent me info on both names just in case I figured adding them here might be a help to someone.

Can I Help?
Yes please! If you would like to volunteer to transcribe documents for the site we would be thrilled! There are Docwras all over the world so they pop up in registers and records in all sorts of places so if you would like to search and transcribe details of any in local records please feel free. Or if you just spot one whilst searching for something else that would be just as welcome. It might just be the missing piece of someone's family jigsaw.