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Posted on 18-02-2011 11:16

Hello, Came upon this site and was interested because I am a descendant of Dockray's BUT from Ireland. our name has evolved to Dougherty - but always thought and read that the Dockray name was an ancient name and speparate from Dougherty. After reading material on this site I can see that the names definately are not from the same line. Is there any research on the Dockray's of Ireland? My GGrandfather's name was Micheal Dockray from Ballemote, Ireland. B. 1825 - Would there be any connection with the Irish Dockrays' & the English Dockray's?

Julie Forman 
Posted on 18-02-2011 11:18

Hi from New Zealand,
I discovered your great website while doing research for a book I'm writing about my grandmother's great grandmother who emigrated to NZ from England in 1842. Her name is listed in family documents as Mary Anna Lake Dockery but I discovered through your website that her grandfather and father were Dockrays - very interesting. They were from Dartford and had a market garden there. Apart from that it's been difficult to find out much more about them but I'm continuing to try. Now that I have the right sir name I might have more success! I should also be able to add a bit more information to the research project list if I can work out how to do that.

Posted on 18-02-2011 11:05

I have some information on Docwras that joined the Royal Marines in the 19th century. If anyone has any links with these Docwras i would be glad to share the information with you. Or if you have any infomation that you could give to me it would be appreciated.

Once the length of service was complete they would of become Greenwich Pensioners.

Does anyone have any information on Docwras from Guilden Morden, Royston or Hackney?

Posted on 29-07-2013 23:42

Anyone here a descendant of Frances Docwra and Peter Taverner as I am?