1851 Hagar & Co's Directory of the County of Durham

P.419 Confectioners
DOCKWRAY Elizabeth, Cornwallis Square,

P.427 Joiners
DOCKWRAY Edward (and builder), Dockwray's Lane,
DOCKWRAY J., Reken-dyke Lane.

1858 Post Office Directory of Cumberland

P.187 Maryport
DOCKWRAY Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper, Kirkby Street.

1890 Kelly's Directory of Durham
P.261 BARLOW Richard Dockwray, commission agent, Edinburgh Buildings, 34 King Street, South Shields.

DOCKWRAY John, joiner, 16 Barrow Street, South Shields.
DOCKWRAY Joseph John, architect (see Stout and Dockwray)
DOCKWRAY Ralph, shopkeeper, 21 Eldon St. South Shields.

P.277 Stout and DOCKWRAY, architects and surveyors, Commercial Chambers, 72 King St., South Shields.

P.491 Architects: Stout and DOCKWRAY, Commercial Chambers, 72 King St., South Shields.

DOCKWRAY R., 21 Eldon St., South Shields.

1914 Kelly's Directory of Durham

P.357 Richard Dockwray BARLOW, house & estate agent & sec. to South Shields Model Building Society, 67 King Street, South Shields.