Quaker Records - The Annual Monitor
In the Index [1894] to the Annual Monitor published by the Society of Friends (Quakers) 1813-1892 there are the following Docwras listed:

Name [Residence] Year of death [Age] Year of volume [Page] Notes [Additional Info]
Rebecca [Runsell Essex] 1826 [18] 1828 [13] died 24 9mo 1826
Ann [Kelvedon Essex] 1831 [74] 1832 [10] died 17 1mo 1831
Jos. [Kelvedon Essex] 1834 [71] 1836 [17] died 1 12mo 1834 an elder
Jos. [Kelvedon Essex] 1837 [41] 1839 [27] the younger died 6 12mo 1837 [[ see also below]
Hanh [Kelvedon Essex] 1840 [25] 1841 [61] died 4 1mo 1840
Wm. [Romford Essex] 1873 [72] 1874 [52 ] of Stanford Rivers Romford died 8 2mo 1873
Hanh [Colchester Essex] 1877 [69] 1878 [66] died 11 9mo 1877 [widow of William Docwra
Emily J. [Kelvedon Essex] 1882 [25] 1883 [12]
Geo. [Kelvedon Essex] 1886 [77] 1887 [79] died 30 6mo 1886
Mabel [Cheltenham] 1890 [15] 1891 [46] died 19 8m 1890 [daughter of George and Keziah Docwra]

* Joseph Docwra the younger, late of Kelvedon, Esx., died at Southampton, at which place he and his wife had sojourned for the benefit of his health. On the early approach of his disorder- which was of a pulmonary kind - he gave up the greater part of the business in which he had been actively engaged; and was enabled to withdraw his mind so much from it, that he adverted to the acquirements of property, he did so as involving a serious responsibility; and earnestly desired to make a right disposition of that which he possessed.. He entertained a very humble view of himself as regarded the future, and feelingly expressed that he had not even a "feather's weight of merit" of his own - that his hope was alone on the Saviour as his Redeemer. His remains were interred in the Friends' Burial Ground at Kelvedon, 14 12mo 1837.

NOTE: Quaker dates use the month number followed by mo or m for the month, rather than Jan, Feb, Mar etc. so for 1mo read January, 2mo read February, etc.

Source: Index [1894] to the Annual Monitor published by the Society of Friends (Quakers) 1813-1892