The Westmorland Inquisition after death of Johan de Coupland (wife of John de Coupland) taken before John Savill escheator of the King at Kirkeby Kendale on Saturday next after the Feast of Corpus Christi in the 49th year of the reign of King Edward III [1375-6] by oath of... Robert de Docura... [and others not noted] ... Robert de Docura held the same divers tenements in Kirkeby Kendale, by fealty, and the service of 2s. a year, as of the Manor of Kirkeby.

1375 Inquest taken at Kirkeby in Kendale on Saturday next after the feast of Corpus Christi, 49 Edward III (23 June, 1375), before John Sayvill, escheator in the county of Westmorland, by the oath of Thomas de Redmane, Roger de Levens, Roland de Thornburgh, John del Chaumber of Kendale, Robert de Docwra, Richard Cayrous, William Daunay, Richard Walker, William de Gilpyn, Roger de Stirkeland, Henry de Gnype and John de Stirkeland, who say that Joan late the wife of John de Coupeland, deceased, held for the term of her life by the king's grant the manor of Wynandermer with its members, namely the hamlets of Langeden, Loghrygge, Grismer, Hamelsate, Troutebek, Appilthwayt, Crosthwayt, Stirkeland Ketell and Hoton, the manor of Casterton and the moiety of the manor of Kyrkeby in Kendale; with the reversion thereof after her death to Ingleram de Coucy, earl of Bedford, and Isabella his wife, daughter of the said king, and the heirs of their bodies; the said manors and moiety are held of the king in chief by the service of the moiety of the fee of one barony and suit at the king's county (court) at Appelby; the manor of Wynandermer with its members is worth yearly in all issues, beyond reprises, ?154; the manor of Casterton, ?6; and the moiety of the manor of Kyrkeby, ?9.

Source: Nicolson and Burn, Vol. 1