Undated un-named newspaper (poss. Surrey Comet) obituaries for Catherine & Henry DOCWRA of Surbiton, Surrey, UK

An old and esteemed resident of Surbiton has passed away in the person of Mrs Catherine Docwra, of 130 Ewell-road, who died on Thursday, in her eighty-second year. The deceased was the wife of Mr H Docwra, who for many years has carried on business as a poulterer and fishmonger, and much local sympathy has been expressed with the husband and his sons in the bereavement they have sustained. The funeral will take place on Monday at Surbiton cemetery.

Death of Mr Henry Docwra
One of the oldest of Surbiton Traders

One of the oldest, best-known and most esteemed tradesmen in Surbiton, Mr Henry Docwra, of 130 Ewell-road, Surbiton Hill, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 83 years. Mr Docwra had been established as a poulterer and fishmonger for over half a century, and his father was in business before im in Thames-street, Kingston. Apart from his business, Mr Docwra lived a quiet life.

He was one of the oldest members of Kingston Congregational Church, and in spite of his years he was often to be seen on a Sunday morning walking down to Kingston to attend divine service. As a young man, he once told a "Surrey Comet" representative, he promised his mother that he would always keep her seat occupied in the church, and for several decades he faithfully endeavoured to do so. Mrs Docwra predeceased her husband eighteen months ago. The funeral will take place at noon on Monday at Surbiton cemetery.

Funeral of Mr Henry Docwra

The funeral of Mr Henry Docwra, one of the oldest and most respected of Surbiton tradesmen, who died last week at the age of 83, took place on Monday at Surbiton cemetery, the first part of the burial service being conducted in the cemetery chapel by the Rev. G H Clothier, pastor of the Surbiton Congregational Church, in the absence of the Rev. R. (?unreadable), pastor of Kingston Congregational Church, which the deceased had attended since his youth.

The chief mourners were Mrs F Williams (daughter), Mr Harry Docwra and Mr Walter Docwra (sons), Messrs. Reggie and Percy Docwra (grandsons), Mrs H Ribbins (granddaughter), Mrs Simmonds (sister-in-law), Mrs G Brown (neice), Mr Alec Simmonds (nephew), Mrs P Bright and Mrs R Pike.

Several old friends and past and present employees of the deceased assembled at the graveside to pay their last tribute of respect, and numerous floral tokens testified to the high regard in which the late Mr Docwra was held. The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Mr F W Paine, Kingston.