1535 - John DOCWRA, Parson of Upminster, Essex

Will was written on 10 May 1535
Will was proved on 9 July 1535

In the name of god amen The xth day of Maij the yere of our Lord god a Thousande fyve hundreth and xxxv, I John Docwra parson of Vpmynster in the Countie Essex being in good mynde and memorie ordayne and make this my last wille and testament in maner and fourme folowing

ffurst I bequeth my soule to almightey god to our blessed lady and to the holy Company of Hevyn And my body to be buried w[ith]in the High Channcel or Quer of Vpmynster aforsaid

Also I bequeth to the said p[ar]ishe Church fyve pound[e]s st to be bestowed vpon a Vestment

Item I bequeth to the Churche of Claughton wherof I am p[ar]son thre pound[e]s vj s viij d

Item I bequeth vj s viij d to be gevyn and paide out of the yerely Rent of my howse called the Swan in Hornechurch according to the wille of my brother in lawe William Awger,

Item I bequeth to the Churche of Ilfley wherof I am p[ar]son xl s st yf my goodes wille extende therunto, I will that a Trentall of masses be songe or sayde for my soule and all xpen soules, the day of my buriall w[ith]in the said p[ar]ishe Church of Vpmynster. And euery preest to haue for his labour xij d And in like oon other trentall to be saide or songe for my soule and all xpen soules at my monethes mynde,

Item I will that an honest preest shall synge for my soule and all xpen soules by the space of twoo yeres within the p[ar]ishe Church of Warton where I was crystned And he to haue for his salary and wagis euery of the said twoo yeres foure pound[e]s xiiij s iiij d sterling[e]s

Item I geve and bequeth to euery of my godchildern iiij d Item I will that penny dole shalbe gevyn in almesse at the day of my buriall and monethes mynde yf my goodes will extende therunto,

Item I will that sir Edmunde Burton my p[ar]ishe preest of Vpmynster aforsaid according to the wille of my brother miles Docwra shall synge oon half yere for my soule my brothers soule and all xpen soules And he to haue for his salary and wages thre pound[e]s vj s viij d

Item I bequeth vnto Robert ffawbot xx s Item I geve to sir Edmunde Burton my gowne lyned w[ith] tawney Saye and my best Jakett

Item I geve to euery of my s_nnt[e]s the day of my dethe vj s viij d

The Residue of all my goodes and Catall[e]s not by this my testament gyven and bequethed, this my said testament p[er]fourmed and fulfilled I geve vnto my Cosyn Denyse Docwra doughter vnto my brother miles Docwra decessed whom I make my sole Executrix maister Hynde Seriannt at the lawe and Thomas Docwra gentelman Sup[er]uisours, the same Thomas Docwra to haue for his payne xx s

These then being present the said Thomas Docwra Robert Hynde of London brigge Will[ia]m Coke Edmonde Burton prest Robert ffawbott Humfrey ffrithe and other

In Witnesse that this is my last will and testament I herto sett my Seall the day and yere abouewritten.

Nono die mensis July Anno domini Mill[es]imo quengentesimo xxxv Dionisia Docwra Executrix no[m]i[n]at[e] in testamento suprascript[um] defuncti ex certis causis ammin siue monen In p[er]sona mag[ist]ri Antony Husee notary pn procur sui in hac p[ar]te Renneiaent oneri executors testa[mentum] ipius defuncti qua admissa Comissa fuit admi[ni]strando omn[ium] & singulorum bonorum Jur[iu]m et creditorum d[i]c[t]i defuncti p[er] viam intestati d[i]c[t]e Dionisie et Matheo Hynde In p[er]sona d[i]c[t]i procur de bene et fidel[ite]r admi[ni]strand[o] Ac de pleno & fideli Jurio secundo die post festum Aiazo prox futur vhibend Necnon de plano & vero compoto reddend Ad sancta Dei Euangelia in debita Juris forma Jurat.

PRO, catalogue reference: PCC Prob/11/25, will of John Docwra, Parson of Upminster (proved) 9 July 1535 (dated 10 May 1535).

Transcription by Odd Ottesen, Kristiansand, Norway, 15 September 2003. (The Latin part of the text is somewhat uncertain.)