Bishop Welton [Bishop of Carlisle] in 1355 , sent out his mandate to Sir Thomas rector of Burgham and John de Docwra, Chaplain, to denounce the sentence of the greater excommunication against certain unknown persons, who had broken up a paved way, and done some other outrages in the Churchyard at Penrith, reserving to himself the sole power of absolution. Hereupon several of the parishioners came to the Bishop at Rose [Rose Castle, official residence of the Bishops of Carlisle], confessed themselves guilty, and prayed for a remission of the heavy sentence; which was granted, on condition of each man's offering (by way of a penance) a wax candle of three pounds weight, before the image of St. Mary in the parish church of Penrith on the Sunday following.

Source: "The History and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland", by Joseph Nicolson and Richard Burn, published 1777, in 2 volumes. Vol.2, p406