"Docwra Hall had its name from a respectable family that resided at the same a long time, but now seems to be totally extinct. At Lilly Hoo in Hertfordshire is the following monumental inscription, on the north side of the chancel:

'Beati mortui qui in Dominus moriuntur.

Here lieth the body of Thomas Docwra, the elder Esquire, lord of the town and patron of this church, descended of the ancient family of the Docwras of Docwra Hall in Kendal in the County of Westmorland, nephew and heir unto the right honourable Sir Thomas Docwra lord grand prior of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. He had to wife Mildred Hales of an ancient family in Kent, a grave and virtuous matron, with whom he lived 52 years, having been justice of the peace 40 years, and high sheriff of the shire Anno 23 Eliz. [1580-81] beloved and reverenced for his gravity, wisdom, piety, justice and hospitality; he died in his house at Putteridge by him built, in the 84th year of his age, Anno Dom. 1602, leaving four sons and two daughters.'"

Source: Joseph Nicolson & Richard Burn "The History and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland" (1777) Vol. 1, Page 621